Take  Control - be the size and shape you want to be.

Not happy with your body shape and size? Do you want to regain control and feel more positive about yourself?  I can help you be the person you really want to be by using safe and supportive hypnosis and coaching techniques to help you reach your desired shape and size. My SIZE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME is fully explained in your first free consultation and once started on this amazing journey, you will be thrilled to see the long term changes you can make easily and safely.

My supportive coaching and hypnotherapy techniques are designed individually for you and can include weekly therapy sessions, audio recordings for further emphasis, reinforcement , skype hypnosis sessions and telephone support.

I always use a combination of effective Hypnotherapy, NLP techniques, EFT , CBT, Reiki techniques plus NHS recommended advice for healthy eating and exercise regimes. 

Call me now for your first FREE initial consultation on 07960 153393 or email  

* Hypnotic Gastric Bands can also be part of my Size Management Programme but only under certain conditions which will be discussed in your first session

     NB. Our slimming advice is supported by The Hospital Group and NHS published guidelines