What is Life Change Coaching?

Life Change Coaching is a popular way to help you achieve your goals. These goals can be personal or business related or a combination of both.

Linda is a highly successful personal and business coach. The LK Therapy Life Change Coaching programme, created by Linda, using her vast experience and accredited techniques, has proven to be incredibly successful for many individuals and provides a safe and secure method of support and success for all who use this framework.

The Life Change Coaching programme offers individuals the opportunity to work with Linda, who will help and support everyone to stretch and achieve. Her support is tailored to each individual and is completely focused on success. She has been a Transformational Life Coach for over 2 decades and welcomes every opportunity to help people achieve their goals.

Linda will support and guide you through this programme, enabling you to then continue to build on your own success story.

This programme is about you. How you wish to develop as an individual, what you wish to achieve and it provides the framework for you to succeed in your life goals. It will give you re-usable methods, tools and techniques for life.

Everyone has a unique path. The coaching programme is therefore very fluid, responding to your own individual wants and needs, and based on Linda's own 3D Change Model, where your personal and/or business based change is focused around your desire, what drives you to achieve and how your change can be achieved.

** As part of your support, Linda will use her extensive coaching techniques, incorporating activities drawn from her accredited skillset, including, but not limited to the following areas of expertise:    MNLP – Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Transformational Coach               Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy



Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy

Linda ia also a Prince 2 Project Manager.  Has a Business Management degree , a HR Degree, is a    Qualified Online Tutor (LeTTOL, iTTOL)  plus ILM Level 7 Coach and Mentor  Strengths Deployment Inventory Assessor and Trainer , other areas include, Myers Briggs assessor and    advocate of the Be Do Have model and many more........

   Please contact Linda on 07960 153393 or email here

     for a free advice and guidance call to initiate your own life changing programme