I am an established and experienced, fully qualified NLP Transformational Coach and Practising Hypnotherapist, registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards  Council and also the Complementary and Natural Healthcare council.
I specialise in many areas especially Anxiety or Stress Reduction, Fear of flying, Phobia removal, Stopping Smoking, Body management, Panic attacks, Sleep issues and many more .

Please hover over the Therapies link above for a fuller list of the areas I can help you with. If therapy isn't for you, then please check out my coaching model here

All the coaching and therapy sessions I  provide are individually tailored, confidential and effective. I provide a fully professional and respectful service, helping you achieve your own goals in life. I use a three part approach - I work with you, you work with me, you then continue to work on yourself to maintain the changes you have made. I will never give you a stated number of sessions or off the shelf programme - You are unique and you deserve to be supported with this in mind. I check in with your progress at every session, and it is always your decision to carry on or change what we do. 

The vast majority of my clients are referrals from previous clients, which is a testimony to the success you can gain from a personalised programme with me.  
I am also a certified Grief Advisor,  plus EFT, CBT, Dementia Care, REBT trained, plus 

Reflexology and Reiki level 3 Master therapist.

To arrange your first pre consultation call, please text Linda on 07960153393, or email here