An established and experienced, fully qualified Practising Hypnotherapist,

Linda is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and also the

Complementary and Natural Healthcare council.

Linda specialises in Anxiety removal, Stress reduction, Fear of flying, Phobias,

Stopping Smoking, Body management ( weight loss) Panic attacks, Sleep issues and many more areas.

Please hover over the Therapy link above for a full list.

All therapies provided are individually tailored, confidential and effective.

Linda provides a fully professional service, helping you achieve your goal in life.

The vast majority of Linda's clients are referrals from previous clients.

Linda is also an accredited NLP Master practitioner, Nutrition therapist, Life Coach,

EFT, CBT trained, plus Reiki Master therapist.

For a free first 30 minute consultation, please phone/text Linda on 07960153393, or email