Struggling with grief and the loss of a loved one? Then read on, as well as a Qualified Hypnotherapist, I am also a Professional Funeral Celebrant, working regularly within the funeral support area. 

I help people during the recent loss of a loved one and support them in creating a loving and respectful individual funeral ceremony. As a result of this I have first hand experience of the impact loss can have and have made it my focus in work and life, to help all who need support.  

My training and experience in REBT, CBT, Grief and Bereavement support is hugely beneficial in this area.

There is a variety of successful support  available to people, however, the gentle hypnotherapy and coping with bereavement/grief/loss sessions I conduct individually or with families and groups, are proven time after time to help people struggling to cope and move on. 

Grief follows many different paths for every individual experiencing a loss, there is no one way to heal or support all, which is why my individual therapy is so helpful. 

With understanding, awareness and support, comes transformation and healing, providing a way for people to learn to live a more positive focused life, whilst still acknowledging their grief and loss.

One of the most successful programmes  - Emotional Healing Ways  - is a wonderful future focused session  and is designed to enable you to respect your own emotions, nurture them and start to heal, to enable you to accept and live with bereavement. This can be an individual session or based as a group session for family and friends or work colleagues.

Please text me on 07960 153393 to book a free 30 minute introductory phone call, where you can share the impact on yourself and also ask any questions of me, to help you decide whether hypnotherapy or guided meditation can provide you with a clearer path to be able to remember with love and respect and also start to move on.