This inspiring and motivational 30 day ramp up programme to get your mind and body ready for results


A 30 day exercise plan for easing your body into fitness with a full exercise routine whilst keeping you safe from life long internal muscle damage

1 amazing hypnosis session to kick start your subconscious mind into following your conscious minds desire  (this session includes visualisation, letting go of any blockers and a deep focus for you towards your planned goal)

Diet and pragmatic life advise to help you cope with living fabulously with your new baby and finding some valuable 'me' time

Energising support recording to inspire and motivate you towards change whilst improving your muscle tone at the same time The cost of this is only £95. Or you can arrange 2 attending the same session for £160.  

The price includes my travel within a 10 mile radius and you will need to clear 2 hours in your day, with no interruptions, or you can visit my practice in Roberttown. 

*Additional hypnotherapy sessions are available to cover other areas, depending on your individual needs,

at £75 per session.

Contact me here , phone or text me on 07960153393