School performance improvement programme .

“My aim is to give the students simple coping strategies they can utilise, to reduce their anxiety levels and perform at their very best. All of this can lead to a much better academic performance and far greater emotional well-being for the student.”

In September 2013 a research study carried out by Edge Hill University and the AQA exam board found that teenagers who feel stressed and under pressure to do well in their GCSE exams, are more likely to get lower results than peers who remain calmer. The study was based on a survey of 325 students that year, as a result of this survey and numerous requests for help for anxiety with exam performance, I have created and used a specific supportive programme that can help both individuals and groups of students to improve their exam performance.

I use tried and tested techniques that encourage individuals to take control of their emotional state and remain focused and confident, when feeling challenged. It is common for students to focus on their perceived weakness rather than their talents and strengths and they can become easily discouraged by these negative thoughts and fears.

My role is to help student’s re-engineer their focus, thinking and emotions.

This Educational Performance Programme can be conducted over a three week period. The three one-hour sessions, for groups of up to 10 students,  are designed to create a positive change to their mindset, to give them a set of ‘mind management tools’ that can help them focus on success instead of focusing on negatives and failures. This is not a short-term fix, what experiencing this life change programme does for students, is to help them create more positive self- management and development skills for life.

I encourage each student to use the ‘tools’ regularly and in doing that, they will develop positive habits that result in a calmer, more resilient and higher performance focus.

Students who have experienced this programme have recommended it to other students, not only for exam anxiety, but for sports performance, driving test anxiety and other areas such as job interviews and university interviews. It is a very successful, and wide ranging programme, benefitting all who experience it.

Please contact me by phone 07960 153393, or email to book a free 30 minute consultation.