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Sleep Therapy Programme week 1. 

1. Please make sure you have read the PDF document first, with the introduction to your sleep programme including basic sleep information to help you gain a better basic understanding of the sleep/wake process and how to progress with your Sleep improvement programme. 

2 General relaxation recording. Please download this recording below, and listen everday for the first week, at a time and place where you will not be disturbed. This is an essential part of your programme, if this is not completed, it may lead to a reduced or even temporary sleep improvement. 

Week 2 actions will be added to this link in 7 days. I will text you with notice that the next stage is active. Each stage is only on this website for 7 days. 

Relaxation and confidence boost loud.mp3

please download this recording by clicking your cursor on the 3 dots at the right hand side of the page and follow your 'save as' instructions.If you cannot see the 3 dots, please just right click your cursor and save as.. it will open a save box where you can decide where to save it.  It is important to download this recording onto your phone or tablet as the recording will be removed in 7 days. Any problems downloading - please text me on 07960153393.