These are a few recent comments from my clients over the last few months, many of our sessions have been online and are still very succesful...........

"Thank you so much for your help. I have been so stressed out lately it's been so hard to cope. Even after our first call I felt a huge weight off my mind, At LAST!! there's someone out there who understands it all, and what can be done to help me get sorted. 
Amazing"   Jules.

" with your help I have managed to secure the job I wanted, after just one session, I got my dream. Brilliant......" Sue

" I have tried to stop biting my nails many times, it's such a simple thing but I couldn't stop, I have now got my first manicure booked and really looking forward to being pampered, it has made such a difference to my confidence, crazy eh?! but great." Marie

" you put me at such ease on our first free call, I was really looking forward to my first session. I knew it might take some time to start to feel better, but I didn't realise things would change so quickly. you've helped me find a way to cope and start to look forward to things. I've given your details to some of my friends who are struggling too, I know you can help them as well. Thank you again. " Kirsty

" Thank You Lin. You put your heart into everything and kept supporting me all the way. It's good to have somone who cares as much as you do. I feel so proud of how far I've come. Losing my mum was the hardest thing I have had to face, ever, but being with you, helped me start to rebuild my life and know I have to put the effort in too. I will never forget my mum, and I now know that losing her doesn't mean I have lost everything else too. Huge thanks. "