Congratulations to all my summer slimmers

October 10, 2013
Hi all, well done for achieving your targets this year, its amazing how easy you have all found our slimming programme.
You can now enjoy your new shape and size, and wow all your friends and family.
Massive well done to
Joanna, Sue, Hannah, Claire and John.

Hypno Gastric Band makes Headline News. Paul McKenna

May 3, 2013
We have used this successfully for a couple of years now, see Paul Mckenna's latest headline.

The Hypnogastric band helps you believe you have had stomach surgery, this is a 100% safe activity, and with our nutritional guidance programme, you will soon see the inches fall off.

AS part of our Hypnoslimmer programme only, for people with a BMI of 30 and above only. 

New Start 2013 1st Results

January 8, 2013

A great start for Sue, her first week measurement is a total reduction of 9cm.

Well done Sue, Keep listening to my recording every day and continue the

wonderful start on your amazing journey.

2012 Fabulous Results

December 25, 2012
Jean achieved her target goal of dropping 2 dress sizes
Claire, John and Mark stopped smoking
Julie overcame her fear of flying
Annabel reduced her dress size from 20 to 14
Mary passed her driving test
Joanne got her new job
Congratulations on all your success
Here's to a fantastic 2013

Remarkable Results

June 7, 2012
Jean has just completed her 4 week Hypnoslimmer programme and already has had a fantastic overall total reduction of
36 cm. This is brilliant and Jean is very driven to further reduce her size. She can now wear clothes 2 sizes smaller than she did 4 weeks ago and is really looking forward to her summer holidays this year. For the first time in 10 years she is determined to join in the fun around the pool. Good luck Jean with your continued success, I am so proud of your strength and enthusiasm. Keep in touch and send me a postcard.
Linda. x