A troubling year for many, with Dealing with anxiety being the most frequest request, along with grief support, phobias and weight loss running not too far behind. It's not surprising with the situation we have all faced over the last 2 to 3 years that these are the most sought after areas of support. 
Here are some comments from my clients

Thank you Linda, I felt I had nowhere else to go for help, I am happy to say I am back on my feet and facing the world again, it was scary to begin with, and with your help I've started to make a difference for myself. 

Thank you Linda, I had given up, I had lost hope, when my mum died I was both furious and totally at a loss, you have helped me deal with both. 

Hi Linda, looking forward to going on holiday again, earlier this year, I wanted to look and feel my best and that was adding an element of 'fear' , plus I felt as if I was scared of flying, or being amongst large numbers of people. As you will remember , I was more than confused. Thank you for your patience, understanding, for not judging me, and for spending time ( over and above) to help me feel better, and more confident. I now focus on my health and fitness, rather than my weight, I look ahead a bit better now, I have reduced my size, and realise the only way for me to be happy is to accept myself better, and after all that, I've learned to like myself a bit more too  xx