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Low sugar drinks, are they safe??

Posted by Linda Knowles on Sunday, May 17, 2015, In : Low sugar drinks - are they safe!! 
DO you drink low calorie drinks, low calorie foods, add sweeteners to your drinks, check this out
AS both a hypnotherapist and accredited nutritionist I can help you change your body shape and size and eat a healthier diet. Contact me for more details of my body management programme......


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Hypnosis slimming coach success 2014

Posted by Linda Knowles on Tuesday, January 27, 2015, In : Low sugar drinks - are they safe!! 

6 months on - 
A fantastic gathering of 6 successful slimmers from 2014
Sue, Jane, Amanda, Beth, Melanie and Patrick
A total of the following changes
9 dress sizes dropped ( man size for Pat, lol) 
A magnificent total of 370 cm loss in size
A huge weight reduction total of 12 stone 
This group have been amazing,
2 of our group have kept their new reduced size for 10 months
3 of our group are continuing to change their size - monthly reductions are still being measured
and 1 of our group has a new job ...
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